Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Article the Y did on me

Patricia Poston

Patricia Polston read the stories on this page and was inspired to share her own. This military spouse is living in San Diego for just a year, but has managed to make the most of her health in the last months.
"I have always been big (270 max). I had gastric bypass when I was 19 years old. I lost weight, of course, but I wasn't fit. I got married and had two babies and weighed 210 pounds. Surgery wasn't a cure-all. In September I joined, and I also enrolled in a nutrition class because it wasn't just about me, it was about my whole family. With the knowledge I learned in my nutrition class and my commitment to come to the Y (Toby Wells) I have lost 45 pounds! I have never, EVER achieved this type of goal before.
I am very diverse with my workouts. I am no longer the girl in elastic pants in the back of the room, too horrified to look at myself. I am the girl in front, shaking her hips at Zumba, doing mountain climbers and bicep curls in TBW, doing core strengthening in Pilates or just breathing and stretching in yoga.
My two girls love going to Kid's Place when I work out, and they enjoy all of the staff. I love how the staff knows them by name and welcomes them every time we come in. The staff at the desk are so nice and beautiful (inside and out), and all the fitness trainers are amazing, because they are down to earth and friendly.
Going there is a must for me now, or else I don't feel like my day has been completed. The YMCA is amazing. Over the holidays, my family and I went out of town, and we utilized the local Y.
I wish I knew of you guys sooner because we are departing San Diego in March. I WILL be joining YMCA at our next home. So ... THANK YOU, for you were my first Y and I will continue to be a member no matter where the military takes us!" — posted 2/16/11

Patricia Poston with her family before she joined the Y. "I have lost 47 pounds total now, and think in next week or two it will be the big 50!"
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