Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year, New Me

So, it has been a awhile since last post so lets do a quick recap. Holidays came and went. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and oh yes I have lost a total of 41 pounds! 
Myself before I decided on life change with my family when my husband made rank


In the beginning of November I decided to try a new class at my YMCA called Zumba. I have tried Zumba before in Panama City with a lady named Aimee. I was very discouraged and left the class never looking back. Well, I decided to give it a go because there must have been a reason why so many people line up to take the class. I went to Zumba where a lday named Fleeta was teaching. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have been going consistently since then and have really discovered a love for my body and the way it moves. What can I say, I love shaking what my momma gave me. Zumba with Fleeta does not feel like a workout. It is a party with shouts, singing, lots of smiles and lots of sweat. My husband bought me a Polar FT6 heart rate monitor watch for our anniversary/birthday/Christmas present. I Love it. It says I burn 1,000 + calories with Zumba.

I still utilize religiously with counting calories and logging food, exercise, measurements and water intake. 

So as stated above, holidays came and went and with that is family get togethers and lots of food in celebration. I will confess, I did partake in some Christmas goodies and alcohol but I still worked out. Since we were out of town in Wisconsin for Christmas we sledded. Walking up and down hills in layers and layers of clothing will give you a workout. I also went to their local YMCA there and took 2 classes. So, yes I enjoyed the holidays and still got exercise and still lost weight.

I am going to do my best with keeping this blog more active. You also know I have a family and two toddlers. I get so many messages on facebook from people who ask me for tips, recipes, give compliments, how to's and opinions on certain things regarding my journey. So, instead of answering multiple people I will post here on this blog and will keep everyone anonymous. I am motivated by everyone's compliments, questions and concerns. I can not express how gooey it makes me feel inside. I am working very hard and the result is weight loss yes but I have never ever been happy like this for myself and the person I am becoming.

Tomorrow, I am going to post a blog about my weight loss surgery I had in 2005. A person I knew in high school privately messaged me contemplating on having the procedure themselves. The person asked, " Looking back would you do it all over again?" 

Well, what do you think?

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